Ski Gear

When skiing, it is important to have the right gear so you stay safe and warm! Below are a few images of some gear that you should purchase before hitting the slopes. I have also provided links to each of the items in case you are interested in buying them or are interested in learning more.

Name of Gear Image of Gear Description Link
Smith Ski Helmets

As an owner of a Smith Helmet, I highly recommend them to men, women, and children. They are very comfortable and are insulated with padding which keeps you warm and safe. They have a variety of styles, colors, and prices that can be made to your liking.

Smith Ski Helmets

The goggles I have listed below are Smith Goggles. They are high quality; they do not fog up or break easily. Many of my friends who are avid skiers use them and love them.

Smith Ski Goggles

North Face is one of the top brands for ski coats. They are recommended by ski instructors and are well liked by many. They are designed to keep you warm from the cold and oftentimes come with double-layering on the inside.

North Face Ski Jackets

I am recommending North Face again because they are top quality. Their snow pants are high quality and do not rip when you fall. They also keep your legs warm which is important when skiing because if your legs are cold you will have trouble turning and bending.

North Face Snowpants

There are a variety of ski poles that you can buy. You can choose the color, size, and price. Since there are many brands I am going to provide a basic picture and list some websites where you can customize them to your liking. I would recommend buying ski poles because they help you with balance and can provide a feeling of safety.

Evo Ski Poles
Skis p>Buying skis is a different experience for everyone. Some like long skis, some like short, and some like really thin skis. It all depends on your level, design taste, and how much you ski. People who ski more are more likely to buy nicer skis than someone who doesn't ski that often. You should also choose skis that can grow with before buying a new pair. The link I provided shows a list of top skis that you can purchase!

Top Brands of Skis to Purchase
Ski Boots

Since ski boots are so unique to everyone, I have provided a link with some top brands to buy. I also included images of women's, men's, and children's ski boots!

Top Ski Boot to Purchase

Other Great Brands To Look At